Art Allyson Kramer_

My art is a reflection of my everyday experience, both in subject matter and how I approach each particular piece. I try and bridge the gap between the way I’d like to convey images (illustrative) with how my eyes truly perceive them: as a collection of color, light, and negative space (painterly).

With my abstract work, I look to nature for much of my inspiration. Growing up, I would spend countless hours playing alone in the woods, and now as an adult, my drive to connect with nature has become a large part of my identity. I currently reside within the city of Philadelphia, which fortunately boasts many wooded trails and parks. Living in Philly and often retreating to the woods within the city has greatly influenced my abstract work. My paintings are a remark on these precious parks, where one can connect with nature, within an urban environment.

I studied in a traditional painting program where I learned to evaluate the human form, objects in relation to space, and art theory. Although I studied for years using oils, my preferred medium is acrylic due to its fast drying time, which enables me to work and rework my compositions quickly.

A few of my favorite artists/influences:

Alice Neel

Louisa Matthiasdottir

Paul Cezanne

Wayne Thiebaud

Leland Bell

Filippo Lippi

Marcel Duchamp

Fairfield Porter


Giorgio Morandi

Louise Bourgeois


2004: “19 Artists” Senior Thesis Exhibition, Wright State University Galleries; Dayton, OH

2005: “Bindery Bash” Bindery Building; Dayton, OH

2005: Wright State Experimental Galleries; Solo Exhibition:

2005: “Performances from the Drawing Board” Bindery Building; Dayton, OH

2005: Dayton Visual Arts Center and BGH Studios Collaborative Show

2006: Spring “Urban Nights” Event Coordinator and Exhibiting Artist

2007: Spring “Urban Nights” Event Coordinator and Exhibiting Artist

2007: “Last Stand” Performance Piece at Goloka Gallery; Dayton, OH

2007: Stivers School for the Arts Faculty Exhibition, Fifth Street Gallery; Dayton, OH

2009: Robert and Elaine Stein Galleries: Kimmerly Kiser Memorial Exhibition and Faculty Exhibition; Dayton, OH

2010: “45402”, Dayton Visual Arts Center; Dayton, OH

2011: Urban Nights, The Southern Belle Gallery; Dayton, OH

2013: “Refractory Whiteout”, Bantang Experimental Gallery; Bucks County, PA

2014: “In Perspective”, Cindy Martin Gallery; Trenton, NJ

2014: “Left Behind”, R. Salant Open Arts Center; Madison, WI

2015: “Art of the Flower”, Philadelphia Sketch Club; Philadelphia, PA

2015: “Images” Betsy Rodgers Allen Gallery, Penn State Downtown Theatre Center; State College, PA